2018 Capstone Presentations

Join us on Friday, July 27th for NYU CUSP's 2018 Capstone Presentations!

NYU CUSP’s Capstone Program is a six month applied urban analytics project that partners CUSP Urban Informatics graduate student teams lead by a faculty advisor with a public, private sector, or academic organization that is looking to address a critical urban issue or research problem. The Capstone is the experiential learning focus of the CUSP M.S. program. Capstone projects approach real-world challenges through problem identification and scoping, data collection, and applying data analytics and visualization techniques. Student teams possess a combination of technical data analytics, visualization, and machine learning skills as well as a strong real-world urban vision and will utilize urban data science techniques within the constraints of political, social, and financial considerations as well as address issues of data privacy, validity, and transparency. 


9:00am – 9:15am: Welcome Keynote @ 2nd Floor Auditorium

9:30am – 11:15amStudent Presentations – Breakout Session #1

370 Jay Street Auditorium (2nd Floor)

Sponsor: Arcadis

CUSP Mentors: Kaan Ozbay & Abdullah Kurkcu

CUSP Students: Ian Xuan Xiao, Benjamin Alpert, Tyler Woebkenberg, Unisse Chua, Andrew Nell

Sponsor: BetaGov @ NYU

CUSP Mentor: Federica Bianco

CUSP Students: Yuwen Chang, Yukun Wan, Scott Smith, Gaurav Bhardwaj

Sponsor: CUSP Data Facility and NYU Furman Center

CUSP Mentors: Julia Lane, Clayton Hunter, Ingrid Gould Ellen, & Xiaodi Li

CUSP Students: Franz Loza, Sarah Schoengold, Baiyue Cao, Sofiya Elyukin, Yuwei Lin

Sponsor: CUSP Urban Complexity Group

CUSP Mentor: Stanislav Sobolevsky

CUSP Students: Juan Sokoloff, Baoling Zhou, Srikanth Namuduri, Lingyi Zhang

12th Floor Seminar Room

Sponsor: NYC Department of City Planning

CUSP Mentor: Neil Kleiman

CUSP Students: Hans He, Yu Chen, Chenrui Zhang, Emily Padvorac

Sponsor: New York City Audubon

CUSP Mentor: Gregory Dobler

CUSP Students: Matthew Dwyer, Emily Hansen, Christian Moscardi, Cheng Ma

Sponsor: NYC Department of Buildings

CUSP Mentors: Justin Salamon & Charlie Mydlarz

CUSP Students: Akkas Ozgur, Kelsey Reid, Nicholas Jones, Hongkai He

Sponsor: NYC Department of Finance

CUSP Mentor: Daniel Neill

CUSP Students: Zhiao Zhou, Nina Nurrahmawati, Bailey Griswold, Te Du

11:15am – 11:30am: Break

11:30am – 1:00pm: Student Presentations – Breakout Session #2

370 Jay Street Auditorium (2nd Floor)

Sponsor: CUSP Urban Complexity Group; co-sponsored by Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs

CUSP Mentor: Stanislav Sobolevsky

CUSP Students: Alexander Shannon, Rachel Lim, Sunglyoung Kim, Fangshu Lin

Sponsor: CUSP Urban Modeling Group

CUSP Mentor: Debra Laefer

CUSP Students: John Lundquist, Yixuan Tang, Keith Dumanski, Julian Ferreiro

Sponsor: CUSP Urban Modeling Group

CUSP Mentor: Debra Laefer

CUSP Students: Marc Toneatto, Rebecca Scheidegger, Jonathan Geis, Shreya Bamne

12th Floor Seminar Room

Sponsor: CUSP Urban Observatory

CUSP Mentors: Federica Bianco & Gregory Dobler

CUSP Students: Chun-Chieh Tsai, Anupama Santhosh, Benjamin Steers, Jonathan Kastelan

Sponsor: Local Initiatives Support Corporation

CUSP Mentor: Neil Kleiman

CUSP Students: Ruben Hambardzumyan, Dana Chermesh Reshef, Gerardo Rodriguez Vazquez, Hao Xi

Sponsor: NYU mHealth

CUSP Mentors: Gregory Dobler, Federica Bianco & Thomas Kirchner

CUSP Students: Prince Abunku, Isha Chaturvedi, Jianghao Zhu, Guobing Chen, Charles Moffett

1:00pm – 2:30pm: Lunch (on own)

2:30pm – 4:00pm: Lightning Presentations @ 2nd Floor Auditorium

4:00pm – 4:30pm: Break

4:30pm:  Awards & Reception @ 2nd Floor Auditorium

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