The CUSP Network

The CUSP Network is a cohort of professionals who partner with CUSP to open lines of communication across urban sectors, to collaborate cross-functionally on important research, to inform the direction of the center, and ultimately to contribute to the improvement of cities around the world. 

Network Mission

The CUSP Network aims to bring together academic researchers, industry and government professionals to work together in developing technological solutions for today’s urban challenges.



CUSP is a highly interdisciplinary research center created with the purpose of bringing data science perspectives to the forefront of city management. By studying urban environments, infrastructures, healthcare systems and more, CUSP uses varying methodologies to collect, analyze, and extrapolate insights from data sets in a way that can inform and improve upon city services in NYC and across the globe.

Why now?

The percentage of people choosing to live in cities is continually growing. The last few years have shown how extensive challenges can arise when our typical way of life is subjected to major disruption. CUSP exists to make cities stronger, more resilient, and more equitable. As more and more people live in urban spaces, we can work to ensure a better quality of life, as well as a more stable one, as we consider the challenges the next 50 years will bring.

CUSP Network Goals

Equity in Decision Making

Bring together experts from different domains who are trying to solve urban problems from a multitude of angles.

Collaborative Access

Synchronize research between interested parties and coordinate access to data, networks and stakeholders.

Creating Commonalities

Create industry-wide standards through common data definitions, network standards and computing platforms.


Close technical and policy gaps that hinder proper city development.



By opening discussions between urban science professionals with varied perspectives and roles in city management, we can do a better job at communicating about real world issues and the different approaches we take to solve them.

Skill Development

Partners, faculty members, and students alike are invited to both share and learn specialized skills through workshops, data dives, and hackathons to ensure those working in urban science have mastered cutting edge techniques.


Large-scale conferences allow network members to gain a sense of the broad work being done at CUSP, as well as to present their own, and to find the synergies between academia, government, and industry.


As a degree-granting academic center, CUSP produces graduates with a highly distinct skill set and a passion for improving cities. CUSP Network members gain access to a new recruiting pipeline, while students get an inside view into potential future careers.

Inaugural Partners


Data Scientist
US Ignite

Branden Dupont_Academic Profile

Deputy Director of Analytics
Loyola Chicago Center for Criminal Justice

Image of Ashley Flores

Senior Director (Housing)
Child Poverty Action Lab

headshot placeholder

Peter Guglielmino


headshot placeholder

Rohun Iyer

Senior Data Scientist
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Image of Praveen Ashok

Technical Program Manager
US Ignite


Sustainability Specialist
Syska Hennessy Group

Terri Matthews

Town+Gown (@ NYC DDC)

Federico Messa


hassan mohanna

Civic Technologist  CLEAR Global

Prem Ramaswami

Head of Sidewalk Labs


CEO, Founder

headshot placeholder

Frank Schaffa

VP Information Technology
JP Morgan

simon sylvester-chaudhuri

Founder + Executive Director

Steven Turell

Chief of Staff

Kommy Weldemariam

Distinguished Engineer

Lucie Worthen_self portrait_113022_3

Staff Water Resources Engineer | Deputy Innovation Manager, Resilience GBA


Data Analytics Program Manager
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Join the CUSP Network

If you’re interested in joining our cohort of dedicated urban science professionals, please reach out to