Sunny Kulkarni Headshot

“I stumbled upon CUSP and was immediately hooked. The program was in the field of data science, but was focused on urban innovation, solving the issues of big cities, and social good. The skills I learn here will not just apply to my work, but also to data-for-good initiatives. It seems to be a really promising career.”

– Sunny Kulkarni, MS Class of 2017

Sunny has worked in the field of analytics for almost 9 years. Most recently, he joined Sustainable Jersey City, where he led a Sustainability Indicators Metrics project, a data-driven analytical project with a focus on building a scorecard on the city’s sustainability measures.

Sunny chose CUSP because of its specialized degree and connections to urban innovation and solving the issues of big cities.

“Growing up in Mumbai, one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in India, I’ve always had a passion to engage and build bridges toward greater understanding across cultures. In Mumbai, I knew what challenges we faced and the ways it could improve.”

In his classes, Sunny lends his perspective of Mumbai to conversations on global perspectives on big cities. He hopes to use his degree and analytics consulting experience to successfully build smart city solutions, and apply his skills to social causes.