NYU CUSP students come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, from computer science and engineering to business and public policy. However, what they all share is a passion for applying analytical skills to problem-solving in an urban context.

As pioneers in the growing field of Urban Informatics, CUSP students are looking for a challenge, and want to make a difference in how people live, and improve the quality of life in cities.

Fall 2021 Class Profile

140 Students

including new graduate students


female students currently enrolled

24 Years

average age of students


average GRE quant score

3.36 Average GPA

in undergraduate studies


international students currently enrolled

Undergraduate BACKGROUNDS

Although CUSP requires students to have a technical background to succeed in the program, CUSP prides itself on recruiting applicants with different technical skill levels and academic backgrounds. CUSP students come from a variety of undergraduate majors, from fine arts to computer science.

A Global Outlook

Students come to CUSP from all over the world in order to advance the field of Urban Informatics and better their data analysis skills. This diversity allows students to hear from a variety of global perspectives during the program and lends understanding to how different cities across the globe are addressing their own unique challenges.
The Fall 2019 Cohort consisted of international students from 11 different countries.
World map of NYU CUSP students


Applied Urban Science Group (AUSG)

The Applied Urban Science Group (AUSG) is an association of graduate students at NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress who are committed to advancing the fields of urban science, data-driven city management and urban analytics.

AUSG was founded in October 2017 and will:

  1. Publish an annual journal (‘Applied Urban Science’)
  2. Convene a series of cutting-edge debates on urban science and analytics.

Connect with us! Over the winter and spring, the AUSG will be bringing together leading tech firms, Chief Data Officers and city leaders for a dialogue on high-impact ways to improve cities through data. 

AUSG events take place at NYU CUSP’s new offices at 370 Jay Street.

Events are held on a series of Monday evenings between 6pm-8pm.


data.tale() is a collection of stories written and researched by members of the CUSP community. These stories showcase the myriad ways that data can be used to better understand the world around us.  As part of the CUSP community, we invite you to contribute your own research and interests!

Turn your data into a story.

Conduct the research you’re passionate about and share that story with the world! Your contributions can be used to support your professional portfolio, contribute to the community of urban science, or simply be a place for you to share your interests. Learn how to contribute to data.tale().

data.tale() can also be a great place for you to highlight the research you are conducting for the Applied Urban Science Group Journal. To learn more about how to submit a proposal to the journal, visit the AUSG website.