Associate Research Scientist


Ridhima Sodhi, Associate Research Scientist, is an accomplished research analyst who recently graduated from the Carnegie Mellon University. Her areas of focus include data-driven policy making, econometric analysis, program evaluation and information enriched decision making.

In addition to her Masters in Public Policy & Management, Ridhima also has a Masters in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. Over her professional career, she has worked in diverse areas such as credit and fraud risk management, urban transit optimization, international health, food security for the emerging world and poverty alleviation. She has also consulted with various global organizations such as USDA and USAID and managed risk portfolios for Barclay’s retail banking businesses.

Ridhima works with the Applied Data Analytics team to support the development of training program materials and to guide and support participants as they work through lectures and in-class assignments. She supports leadership and staff at the federal, state, and city level governments in the development of high value research and data products. This includes defining project scope and identifying appropriate data sets to respond to priority policy questions; preparing strategies for agency meetings; and reporting back findings to the project leadership and team.