Program & Curriculum Information

Academic Advising & Registering for Classes

Fall semester course registration opens on April 20. You will hear from your academic advisor to assist you with your course selection at that time.

Please note: you will only be able to register for classes after submitting your tuition deposit.

Below is a list of useful links to review before advisement and course selection:

Registering in Albert

View how-to guides for:

Check out the complete Albert Registration help guide (pdf)

Registration Instructions: For instructions on how to register for classes in Albert click here. Here you will find instructions on how to add classes, and how to make adjustments to your schedule including swapping or dropping courses.

Academic Planner: Albert Academic Planner is the online tool that you can use to plan out your course schedule.  For guides on how to use your online course planner visit Here you will learn how to access and use the planner. The planner is particularly useful for viewing preapproved non-CUSP electives. 

Course Selection Guidelines

  • All students will take Principles of Urban Informatics (PUI).
  • All students will have a choice of Civic Analytics & Urban Intelligence OR Innovative City Governance.
  • All full-time students will have a choice of Urban Spatial Analytics, Urban Decision Models OR Innovative City Governance for their third class.
  • All full-time students will also select a fourth elective course. You may choose a CUSP course or a non-CUSP elective from a preapproved list.
  • All students must also enroll in the seminar called Data Governance, Ethics, & Privacy. The seminar will meet on Friday, September 11, 18, October 23, 30 6:00-8:00 pm.

For any questions regarding student services, academic advising, academic policies and procedures, or registering for classes, please email your Academic Advisor, Sattik Deb, at