Portrait of Varun Adibhatla

Adjunct Professor

Varun Adibhatla has spent the past 15 years researching, implementing, and consulting on technology projects in large complex environments that include researching information science and human-computer interaction in military and homeland security contexts, supporting high-frequency/algorithmic trading systems, managing cloud infrastructure for global media startups, engaging with New York’s Urban Tech ecosystem, and more recently deploying AI and predictive solutions to optimize operations across the water, energy, and public works utilities. In 2015, shortly after graduating from CUSP, Varun and his classmates co-founded Applied Research in Government Operations (ARGO), a non-profit dedicated to serving the public interest. ARGO has been awarded several grants and its work has been profiled in Fast Company, the New York Times, and other leading media outlets. In addition, Varun is actively researching emerging methods in spatial data science and seeks collaborations to implement data collectives in service of decarbonized and equitable outcomes.