Visiting Assistant Professor

Tracy Jo Ingram, MPA-PNP, is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and first-generation college graduate of both Western Kentucky University and New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. Having formerly served as the Program Director and Director of Social Responsibility for the nation’s largest Youth and Government program, she has an extensive background in policy, curriculum, and program design and communications. While her professional work has taken her all over the globe, her preference is to be in the classroom here in New York City. To date, she continues to serve as a consultant for several quasi-governmental organizations, foundations, and nonprofits. 

Since 2019, Tracy Jo has served as an Adjunct Professor at NYU Wagner. In 2021, she first joined CUSP under the tutelage of Neil Kleiman in an adjunct role. Within a year, she was appointed to a Visiting Assistant Professor position. Tracy Jo currently teaches Civic Analytics and Urban Intelligence; Data Ethics, Governance, and Privacy; and the Urban Science PhD Colloquium. She has also been instrumental in re-developing the CUSP Capstone program, for which she serves as an instructor of record. Tracy Jo teaches explicitly through the lens of equity and inclusion, challenging students to critically analyze how data and technology can drive more ethical and equitable governance outcomes in policy and planning.