Headshot of Quanyan Zhu

Associate Professor

Affiliated Faculty

Research Interests:

  • Game Theory and Applications
  • Resilient and Secure Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Adversarial Machine Learning and Signal Processing
  • Human-Robot Interactions
  • Internet of Things
  • Game and Decision Theory for Cyber Security
  • Economics and Optimization of Infrastructure Systems
  • Resource Allocations in Communication Networks


The Laboratory for Agile and Resilient Complex Systems (LARX) focuses on developing scientific foundations for security. Our research goals are discovering new laws and principles in cybersecurity, developing a multidisciplinary approach to advance the frontiers of fundamental security research, and creating a scientific foundation for designing security through built-in agility and resilience. Toward this end, we focus on the following research topics: Cyber agility and moving target defense, security, resilience and robustness of cyber-physical systems (robots, unmanned vehicles, smart homes), interdependent security of critical infrastructure (smart grid, transportation, buildings, water), and economics of security and privacy.