Course Assistant

Urban Science Intensive

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Major: M.S. Computer Science
Undergraduate School and Study: B-Tech, Computer Science, Vellore Institute of Technology, India

A Data Science Enthusiast who has much more hands-on experience over cutting-edge tool-kits like Elastic-search, Scikit-learn, OpenCV, etc to build different and efficient and robust data models. Being more than acquainted with programming languages like Python, and JS alongside having expertise in major cloud application development platforms like AWS, and IBM Watson studios, I always look forward to working on the real-time Data oriented end to end Projects.

Office Hours: 
Wednesday from 9am – 11am
Thursday from 9am – 2pm
Friday from 11 am – 2pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 547 622 4653
Passcode: 871785