Headshot of Mohit Sharma

Associate Research Scientist

As an Associate Research Scientist at CUSP, Mohit aides in design and implementation of software and networking infrastructure for large-scale deployments of remote sensing and cyber physical systems. He is responsible for administering, architecting and orchestrating the compute and storage systems and for building secure IoT platforms using CI/CD framework. He is also a researcher fueled by his passion to understand the working of the cities from a physical sciences point of view and actively contributes to Urban Observatory and Sounds of New York City.

Mohit has also designed an Urban Computing Skills Lab, an online class for incoming CUSP graduate students to get them up to speed on python and data analysis skills for their Masters in Urban Informatics at CUSP.

Mohit received his M.S from NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Computer Systems and Networking and B.E from Mumbai University in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering.