Kommy Weldemariam

Distinguished Engineer at IBM

Dr. Weldemariam is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for Accelerated Discovery strategy at IBM Research. He is responsible for innovative architectures (Data, AI systems, models, cloud, etc.), architectural specialization, augmentation, and integration of accelerated discovery technologies and early products validation across Climate and Sustainability, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Computing and Nanotechnology at IBM Research in Accelerated Discovery strategy. Dr. Weldemariam is a globally recognized leader and innovator who has made key contributions across IBM’s Environmental Intelligence Suite (EIS) offering with differentiated AI-enabled climate and carbon acceleration technologies, the TradeLens platform, and cloud and AI tools for agriculture. He holds more than 300 patents and applications in the fields of software technologies, artificial intelligence, Data, Blockchains, IoT, and application domains such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Climate and Sustainability, Supply Chains, etc. He is the author of over 90 peer-reviewed scientific publications as well as several articles in the media. Dr. Weldemariam has received numerous awards such as an elected member of the IBM Industry Academy (2021), IBM Master Inventor (since 2017), won the Kifra Prize Award (2020), Fellow of the Next Einstein Forum (2016), and the Young Scientist World Economic Forum (2015). His primary research interests currently include advancing technologies that matter and maximizing beneficial impacts for users and society. Dr. Weldemariam received his Ph.D. in Information Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Trento (Italy).