Headshot of Kimonia Alfred

Associate Director, External Relations

At CUSP, Kimonia (Kim) Alfred is responsible for creating and maintaining the lines of communication between the Center and academic, and municipal partners, its advisory boards, other stakeholders, and the surrounding community. Before coming to CUSP, Kim served as Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security. She previously worked as Special Assistant to then-Under Secretary Steve Koonin at the Department of Energy.

Kim Alfred earned her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Southern California. Shortly thereafter, she began working for U.S. Representative Henry Waxman in Los Angeles as a Caseworker and Field Deputy, and eventually transitioned to his Washington, DC office where she worked as a Legislative Aide. In 2004, Kim spent several months in Oregon working as a Financial Compliance Officer for John Kerry’s presidential campaign. Still interested in campaign politics, Kim moved to Chicago in early 2007 and worked on Barack Obama’s presidential race as the Grassroots Finance Director. She served in a similar role on the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 2008-2009.