Associate Professor

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Joo H. Kim is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at New York University (NYU). Dr. Kim directs the Applied Dynamics and Optimization Laboratory for the broad areas of dynamics, control, and optimization of mechanical systems. With applications in robotic and biomechanical systems and their intersections such as wearable robots, his current research topics include energetics of dynamic systems, legged balance and gait stability, and integration of dynamics/control with numerical optimization.

At CUSP, Dr. Kim is interested in interdisciplinary applications of robotics and biomechanics in urban environment and health. In particular, his current collaborative research at CUSP aims at developing a framework for a humanoid robot control through user-in-the-loop extended reality technologies. The research will lay a foundation toward enabling a humanoid robot to serve as a remote avatar for whole-body tasks combining locomotion and manipulation, which will provide enhanced safety and task efficiency in complex urban environments such as disaster response, search and rescue, and construction.