Headshot of Jonathan Morgan

Senior Research Scientist

In his position as Senior Research Scientist, Jonathan Morgan works with the CUSP Data Facility team and their collaborators on the Census Bureau Prototype Data Facility project. He also works with the Data Facility team to design and implement secure, reliable and scalable software services in addition to enhancing the full software development life cycle.

Prior to joining CUSP, Jon was a Systems Architect at NIE Online Inc. and a Systems Integration Manager at IData Inc. where he served as a systems architect, designer and technical team lead for complex higher education system integration projects.  Jon has also worked as an instructor at Michigan State University and as a Technology and Process Consultant for nationwide news organizations.

Jon has a Master of Arts in Journalism degree from New York University and is in the process of completing his PhD studies at Michigan State University (MSU)  as a University Enrichment Fellow, which is MSU’s most prestigious graduate fellowship.  In addition to his vast technical experience and programming skills, Jon continues to teach on varied class topics such as scalable computational science and journalism history.