Portrait of Jacqueline Kemeny Libby

Smart Cities Postdoctoral Associate

Jacqueline (Jackie) is CUSP Smart Cities Postdoctoral Associate. Jackie received her Ph.D. from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where she focused on field robotic perception for autonomous vehicles, using machine learning to fuse data from sound, vibration, vision, and lidar. As a postdoc, she applies similar learning techniques to biometric signals such as EMG, EEG, MMG, and eye-tracking to better understand human movement and the intention for such movement. She also focuses on developing exoskeletons for rehabilitation, exploring the use of soft robotics for better physical Human-Robot Interaction.  She hopes to create robotic therapy solutions for patients with various neuromuscular disorders.  She is jointly co-advised by S. Farokh Atashzer, Ph.D. in the MERIIT lab and Dr. JohnRoss Rizzo, M.D. at Rusk Rehabilitation. She aspires to devote her career to the continual interdisciplinary bridge between engineering and medicine.