Headshot of Drew Gordon

Research Information Scientist

Drew is an accomplished information systems librarian with extensive background experience in information policy, information analysis and retrieval, information visualization and exploratory data analysis. Prior to joining CUSP, Drew was an Information Engineer at NYU Steinhardt where he developed and automated ETL processes for research data and managed digitization processes for video media. Drew has also been a systems librarian at the New York Academy of Medicine and a User Experience Developer at the American Planning Association in Chicago.

As a Research Information Scientist for CUSP’s Data Facility,  Drew serves as an information specialist, programmer, and ETL engineer in order to support the full CUSP data life cycle, including data curation, data ingestion, data discovery and researcher access. He leads CUSP’s metadata knowledge management and communicates with domain experts on NYC and related open data, urban policy research data, and physical measurement data, creating a database to facilitate data discovery. Drew serves as the primary point of contact for data facility users with data access and workspace requests.

Drew has a Master of Science degree in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Michigan.  In addition to his information scientist activities, Drew has also published a number of articles and conference briefs on subjects such as data repositories as a service for researchers and building community broadband.