Headshot of Anna Choromanska

Assistant Professor

Affiliated Faculty

Professor Anna Choromanska did her Post-Doctoral studies in the Computer Science Department at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences in NYU and joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Spring 2017 as an Assistant Professor. She is affiliated with the NYU Center for Data Science.

Prof. Choromanska’s research interests focus on machine learning both theoretical and applicable to the variety of real-life phenomena. Currently, her main research projects focus on optimization (deep learning landscape, deep learning optimization, and general machine learning optimization), large data analysis (extreme multi-class and multi-label classification and density estimation), and machine learning for robotics and autonomy (autonomous driving systems, self-driving cars, AI-based robotics). Prof. Choromanska collaborates with NVIDIA (New Jersey lab) on the autonomous car driving project. 

Prof. Choromanska was a recipient of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science Presidential Fellowship at Columbia University in the City of New York. She co-authored several international conference papers and refereed journal publications, as well as book chapters. The results her works are used in production by Facebook (training production vision systems and entry to COCO competition) and Baidu, and in product development by NVIDIA. She is also a contributor to the open source fast out-of-core learning system Vowpal Wabbit (aka VW). Prof. Choromanska gave over 50 invited and conference talks and serves as a book editor (MIT Press volume), organizer of top machine learning events (workshops at conferences such as the  International Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems), and a reviewer and area chair for several top machine learning conferences and journals.

Prof. Anna Choromanska is also a pianist who has been playing piano since the age of six and has diplomas of two music schools. Her piano performance can be found here. She was also a bronze medalist of amateur couple dance. She was practicing standard and latin dance in the Columbia University Ballroom Dance Team. Prof. Choromanska is also an avid salsa dancer. She performed in Ache Performance Project of Frankie Martinez, the one of the most innovative and renowned Latin contemporary dancers of his generation, and practiced individually with one of the most charismatic female mambo dancers, Lori Ana Perez-Piazza. She also likes dancing hula, especially during her travels to Hawaii. Her dance performances can be found herehere and here. Finally, prof. Choromanska loves painting and fashion design techniques.