City Challenge Week

City Challenge Week is an intensive orientation that will introduce you to CUSP, fellow students, partners, city agencies and NYU resources. This year it will run from August 26th to August 29th, 2019.

A full schedule for City Challenge Week 2019 will be available in the summer.

Urban Computing Skills Lab

The CUSP Urban Computing Skills Lab (UCSL) is a self-graded, self-paced online bridge program to help incoming students find their programming footing, particularly in Python, and develop basic skills that will be used extensively in the program in the first semester. Before entering the program, we would like you to take the UCSL to brush up on (or learn) some of the programming skills you will need upon starting in the fall.

The UCSL is for all incoming students, but students without a computer science or programming background are especially encouraged to complete it. 

You can find the UCSL by following this link:

If you have never used EdX Edge, you will be prompted to create an account before enrolling in the course. You can find screenshots and information about how to use the course in Module 0.

Once you have access to the EdX course, you will need to get access to the UCSL Hub, a Jupyter Notebooks environment where you can test out code. In order to access the UCSL Hub, you must activate your NetID that you received with your admissions letter by visiting NYU Start. Once you have activated your NetID, send an e-mail to with your request to access the UCSL Hub.

Once your UCSL Hub account is created, you will receive an email requesting that you reset your password. That email will come from

It is important to note that this is a self-paced course. Questions about content should be directed to the Q&A discussion board, or via self-created study groups. For technical issues you may contact