April 29, 2022


The proficiency of urban planners, as well as urban policymakers, is all about making decisions while constantly analyzing, strategizing, prioritizing and making an overwhelming volume of complex choices based on innumerable factors and ever-changing parameters.

Decisions are often taken in a hectic environment, where ambitious modeling and generic estimates might lead to costly, ineffective and difficult to deliver outcomes. Urban planning implications have long-term social and economic impacts on entire communities. Decisions can shape the lives of those who are left to live with the consequences for generations.

We present an innovative approach to urban planning. The approach integrates innovative technology tools to visualize, interact and optimize the urban design and land use planning in both high density and new development scenarios.

A specialized interdisciplinary team of software developers, urban planners and economists have formed Urban Dashboard, an AI assistant in urban planning decision making – from the early stage of development & planning, to their realization.

The Urban Dashboard platform compiles all essential parameters into a visual, dynamic, quantitative performance analysis and simulation of the plan, allowing planners to create multiple scenarios. It presents the pros and cons of each alternative and foresees the effects of each scenario in aspects of economic and cost effectiveness, infrastructure, mobility, density, phasing, etc., letting planners set, fine-tune and optimize such elements to achieve the best plan possible.

Urban Dashboard aims to harness technology’s power to improve the entire planning process for planners, developers, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers, thus participating in the digital transformation in the real estate industry.

Daniela Paz-Erez specializes in urban planning and real estate economics. In 1996 she founded Paz Group, Israel’s leading real estate consultancy firm according to Dun’s 100 2021 rating.

Ms. Paz-Erez serves as an advisor to all major Israeli banks and leading construction firms and regularly consults Israeli government ministries, municipalities, and other authorities in urban planning policies, zoning and more.

Ms. Paz-Erez is a certified economist and appraiser, holds an MBA degree from the Tel-Aviv University and lectures in various academic and professional forums.