June 15, 2016

Please join us for NYU CUSP’s Research Seminar Series, featuring Jeff Jonas from IBM. The seminar will be hosted by Rebecca Rosen, Associate Director for Data Resources and Data Strategy at CUSP.


Very rarely does a single observation (piece of data) contain sufficient evidence to make a fine-grained prediction about opportunity or risk. Organizations attempting to make the most out of what they know must first be able to see how observations relate to other observations. Much like the difference between a lone puzzle piece vs. a picture of connected puzzle pieces—this big picture is essential to better business decisions. More data, in context, makes it possible to lower false positives and false negatives at the same time. While these techniques are useful in marketing and next best action systems, more importantly these techniques are essential in the discovery of skilled criminals. In this presentation, applications of context computing will be discussed.

Jeff Jonas is an IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist of Context Computing. Jonas’ work in context-aware computing was originally developed at Systems Research & Development (SRD), founded by Jonas in 1985, and acquired by IBM in January, 2005.

To read more about Jeff Jonas, please visit his website here.