February 24, 2016

Please join NYU CUSP for an urban informatics seminar with Dr. Aristides Patrinos, CUSP Deputy Director of Research emeritus.

Dr. Patrinos will examine thirty years of policy issues settled by rigorous data, and  looking back at the birth and evolution of policies and regulations. Issues such as weather modification, acid rain, climate change, low dose radiation will be discussed, and how data and modeling helped or hindered.

After the presentation you will be able to learn more about the education programs at CUSP, and speak to the Office of Admissions.

Dr. Aristides Patrinos is considered a leading authority on structural biology, genomics, global environmental change, and nuclear medicine. He directed research for the Center for Urban Sciences and Progress, and is also a professor of biological, chemical, and mechanical engineering at New York University. He continues to be involved with Synthetic Genome and their projects that involve synthetic biology applications, and also serves on the Board of Directors of Tsakos Energy and Navigation (TNP). To this day he continues his work in Washington D.C. advocating solutions for sustainable global energy and environmental change.

Dr. Patrinos has received two Secretary’s Gold Honor awards from the Department of Energy, and three Presidential Rank Awards, and many honorary degrees.