About the Event

Today, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas—that equates to some 3.3 billion people; with an estimated 1 million people moving into cities each week. By 2030, this number will swell to almost 5 billion. Success in this new environment, for cities of all shapes and sizes, will be measured by using resources more effectively, maintaining a high quality of life, and creating a sustainable future for citizens through economic prosperity.

Urban informatics—the collection, integration, management and analysis of data to improve urban systems and quality of life—is the key to unlocking the potential of smarter cities. From city hall to main street to the classroom, using urban informatics to harness big data will help cities around the world become more productive, livable, equitable, and resilient.

Against this backdrop, we cordially invite you to an exclusive event that will bring together leading thinkers on the topic of urban informatics from both research and academia.

This event, Urban Informatics and the Keys to the Future City, will provide an inside look at some of the work underway at New York University’s Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), showcase innovative advancements from IBM Research, and give perspective on how cities are using technology and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. The result will be a collaborative and interactive discussion that highlights the latest thinking in urban informatics, where we are today, and how the state of our cities of the future depends upon it.