Meet CUSP's Current Students

Join us for a panel session and meet some of the outstanding students currently pursuing their MS in Applied Urban Science and Informatics at CUSP. Learn more about what it’s like to study urban science in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, using NYC as a living laboratory. Hear about students’ work with world class faculty who are constantly in the field doing important research. We will also have time for an open Q&A for questions from the audience.  

Guest Capacity for Entire Restaurant Event

Monday, Febryary 13th
6-7pm ET


Ahmad Nasrieh
I graduated with my BA in urban studies and planning with a concentration in sustainability from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Shortly after graduating, I moved out to New York City to expand on my love for the built environment in one of the most exciting urban areas on the planet. Since moving here I have held multiple internships in the public sector including being a community development intern at an economic development agency and being a housing operations intern for the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery. I decided to build upon my education by pursuing my master’s degree at CUSP to help elevate my skills and learn how to solve some of the most pressing issues facing our cities today using data. Ideally, I would love to pursue a career that merges my love for real estate development and the physical urban form with data science and analytics after graduating. 
Ajayrangan Kasturirangan
I have a deep interest in Urban Data Science and bring a background in electronics engineering, data science, and my hands-on experience as a data analyst. My fascination for cities led me to take the next step in my education by obtaining an MS in Applied Urban Science and Informatics from NYU.
Analaura Tostado
I have about 5 years of working experience mostly in architecture firms, and now I am pursuing my master’s degree at CUSP as a Fulbright scholar. I decided to start this journey at CUSP because I was interested in expanding my professional path, getting to participate in larger scale projects related to cities and how to make a real impact, and also introduce myself to the current technology and data analytics world. Now with this technical and analytical skills I am acquiring at CUSP, as well as my architecture background, I will be able to take advantage of the technology and work for improving cities and therefore people’s quality of life, based on sustainability and resiliency principles.
Vickram Peter
While I grew up amidst the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, I later on completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Cities have always been my environment – their sheer size and complexity have forever fascinated me. Considering myself a public transportation ‘connoisseur’ and wanting to problem-solve in the sphere of Urban Science, CUSP was my ultimate destination. CUSP’s multiple opportunities, rich resources, people-centric mission, and invigorating community are what I needed to transform my love for cities into better urban environments for everyone.