Senior Research Scientist


Harith Aljumaily, Senior Research Scientist, is an accomplished Engineering and Computer Science professional with extensive experience with data science and engineering. Since 2005, Harith has been working as a professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) teaching multiples courses including advanced database design, file structures, data structures and algorithms, and Big Data.

Harith has a Master’s degree and a Doctoral degree in Computer Science from UC3M, a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. In addition to his teaching activities, Harith has published a number of books and research articles on subjects such as database design and implementation, data structures and algorithms, Model-Driven Development, Natural Language Processing, Software Testing, and Big Data approach for Urban Design.

As a Senior Research Scientist in Dr. Laefer’s research group, Harith will undertake a leadership as well as a technical role in creating and implementing novel technologies and algorithms related to the capture, storage, processing, visualizing and validating of remote sensing data and its integration with other data types.