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Headshot of Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill

MS Class of 2019, USA

From New York City and recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin who is looking for a Public... Read More

Headshot of Asilayi Bahetibieke

Asilayi Bahetibieke

MS Class of 2019, China

Data analysis?consulting?product manager.

... Read More
Headshot of Chang Du

Chang Du

MS Class of 2019, China

Applied Urban Science and Informatics, CUSP, New York University
Professional Interests: Data Analysis, UI Designing, Project Management, Product Management, Urban... Read More

Headshot of Christine Biddlecombe

Christine Biddlecombe

MS Class of 2019, USA

Christine first realized the impact data can have on public policy when she was an intern at an affordable housing... Read More

Ewelina Marcinkiewicz

MS Class of 2019, Poland

Ewelina received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science in Jagiellonian University in Poland. During her studies she spent one year... Read More

Headshot of FEKADE BROOK

Fekade Brook

MS Class of 2019, Ethiopia

I have worked on advanced information systems that were data-driven and that offered programming opportunities.

... Read More
Headshot of Junru Lu

Junru Lu

MS Class of 2019, China

I hope to continue study as a research oriented master or a PhD. in Informatics, Data Science or Natural Language... Read More

Headshot of Karen Worthing

Karen Worthing

MS Class of 2020, USA

Karen joined NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development in 2017 as Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations, based in the Brooklyn... Read More

Headshot of Linda Jaber

Linda Jaber

MS Class of 2020, Lebanon

Architecture has taught me that a good building design is one that can overcome the challenge of being actively respondent... Read More

Headshot of Manrique Vargas

Manrique Vargas

MS Class of 2019, Costa Rica

As a Masters of Science student at New York University specializing in Urban Informatics, I am interested in using data... Read More

Headshot of Marvin Mananghaya

Marvin S Mananghaya

MS Class of 2019, Philippines

Marvin S Mananghaya is a Masters of Science student at Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University.... Read More

Headshot of Mingyi He

Mingyi He

MS Class of 2019, China

Mainly interested in urban transportation and housing data analysis, and assessing the urban design quality.

... Read More
Headshot of Samuel Burns

Sam Burns

MS Class of 2019, USA

I’m an investigative data analyst with an extensive background in public service and non-profit management. I’m interested in how future... Read More

Headshot of Sean Chen

Sean Andrew Chen

MS Class of 2019, USA

As an urban planner and policy researcher, Sean Andrew Chen is interested in using the latest quantitative and analytical techniques... Read More

Headshot of Tarek Arafat

Tarek Arafat

MS Class of 2019, USA

I have a BE in Mechanical Engineering (EIT), a MS in Sustainability in the Urban Environment and a Masters in... Read More

Headshot of Tiffany Patafio

Tiffany Patafio

Adv. Certificate Class of 2019, USA

Tiffany graduated from Lafayette College in 2010 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and focus in Psychology.

... Read More
Headshot of Urwa Muaz

Urwa Muaz

MS Class of 2019, Pakistan

My interest lies in building smart applications that address real world problems by leveraging advanced machine learning techniques.

... Read More
Headshot of Xiao (Robin) Jing

Xiao (Robin) Jing

MS Class of 2019, China

Jumping out of the comfort zone always make me inspired as I am curious about all the new technology and... Read More

Headshot of Yusu Qian

Yusu Qian

MS Class of 2019, China

I major in Physics, Acoustics(that’s about sound waves, microphones, speakers, not singing) and Finance in undergraduate school so I’m more... Read More