Yusu Qian presents at West Coast NLP
Yusu Qian at wenlp

MS Student Yusu Qian recently gave a lightning talk at the 2019 West Coast NLP Summit at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California! Yusu discussed her research on “Gender Stereotypes Differ between Male and Female Writings,” a paper she wrote last semester for a project on Text as Data.

Abstract: Written language often contains gender stereotypes, typically conveyed unintentionally by the author. To study the difference in how female and male authors portray people of different genders, we quantitatively evaluate and analyze the gender stereotypes in their writings on two different datasets and from multiple aspects. We show that writings by females on average have lower gender stereotype scores. We plan to study and interpret the distributions of gender stereotype scores of individual words, and how they differ between male and female writings. We also plan on using more datasets over the past century to study how the stereotypes in female and male writings evolved over time.

The West Coast NLP (WeCNLP) Summit is an opportunity to foster discussion and collaboration between NLP researchers in academia and industry. The event on September 6th included talks and a panel from research leaders on the latest advances in NLP technologies.

Read the full paper here. Congratulations, Yusu!