NYC Downtown at sunset


  • Welcome to Bryant Renaud, who is on detail to us from the White House Office of Management & Budget for the coming academic year. Bryant, a member of OMB’s Federal Data Strategy development team, will be working with the ADRF team.
  • Welcome to Amanda Ryley, who is joining us as the Interim Associate Director for Administration. Amanda comes to us from NYU’s Office of Budget and Financial Planning where she is the Assistant Director for Budget and Planning.
  • Welcome to Emanuela Rossetti, a Visiting Research Scholar from the University of Bologna, and Shams Azad, a CUE PhD Student, both of whom will be working with Prof Masoud Ghandehari.
  • We have a number of course assistants working with CUSP this fall: Jaime Abbariao, Zhongyao Chu, Annie Gurvis, Ilyas Habeeb, Harnish Patel, Fu Shang, Alex Shannon, and Harshit Srivastava
  • Welcome to Yitao Li, who will join Lingxuan Gao, Bixing Xie and Neel Chauhan as VIP students in Prof. Laefer’s group.


  • Congratulations to Debra Laefer. NSF, the Science Foundation Ireland, and Northern Irish funders have awarded more than $1 million to the UrbanARK project (NYU Portion: $325k).  The project focusses on improving flood risk prediction and communication using laser scanning and hyperspectral data as well as better estimations of subsurfaces spaces. The project will also employ lightweight VR to enhance the impact of risk communication.
  • Debra was the co-team-leader for the Green team at recent NATO war game in the UK.
  • Congratulations to Dani Hochfellner. She and her collaborators have had their session, “Social Security Policy Interactions and Spillovers,” accepted for the Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association Meetings.
  • Dani has also organized a Hackathon in collaboration with the Open Data Initiative Barcelona that will be held there during the Big Survey 2018 conference this October. Teams will work on an open data policy challenge to help investigate and provide further insights to make Barcelona a more sustainable place to work and live and encourage a greener, greater Barcelona.


  • Lostanlen, Vincent, Joakim Andén, and Mathieu Lagrange. “Extended playing techniques: The next milestone in musical instrument recognition.” Proceedings of the Workshop on Digital Libraries for Musicology, Paris, September 2018. arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.09730.
  • Chen, S., Truong-Hong, L., Laefer, D.F., Mangina, E. 2018. Automated Bridge Deck Evaluation through UAV Derived Point Cloud, CERI-ITRN2018, Dublin, Ireland, PP. 735-740. Note: Siyuan Chen won a best paper award for this work at the recent Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland (CERAI) conference.