• Congratulations to Ravi Shroff, a member of CUSP’s first cohort, who was recently hired as an Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics in Steinhart’s Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities. 
  • Welcome to Bill Press, who starts his sabbatical with CUSP tomorrow. Bill is a professor at the University of Texas – Austin, a member of CUSP’s external advisory board, and former member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology (PCAST), among other things.
  • Welcome to Maarten Vanhoof , a PhD student visiting from the Open Lab at Newcastle University who will be working with Stan Sobolevsky through the end of the calendar year.  His research is focused on people movement patterns and the theory of cities.
  • Welcome to Jordan Vani, one of CUSP’s alumni who will be working with Greg Dobler this coming year on the Urban Observatory.
  • Welcome to Enwei Zhu, a PhD student from Tsinghua University who will be working with Stan this academic year. Enwei’s research is focused on Data Science in Real Estate.
  • Brendan Reilly, our entrepreneur-in-residence, is now an adjunct instructor in the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute’s i-Corps
  • Neel Chauhan, a Tandon CSE undergrad, will be returning to Debra Laefer’s group next week; this time as a Research Assistant/Intern.
  • Congratulations to Debra Laefer. Three of her PhD students at University College Dublin are submitting their dissertations on Sept. 8th.  Nikita Konda is now completing her masters project on the basis of work with this past summer in Debra’s urban modeling group


  • Jurij Paraszczak, one of CUSP’s executives-in-residence, and his IBM Research Colleagues are hosting a 1-day Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things (BDA-IoT) workshop at IEEE Big Data 2017 this December in Boston. Greg Dobler is giving one of the two invited talks. For more information, click here.  
  • Congratulations to Julia Lane on her recently awarded $ 500,000 grant from the Kaufman Foundation. She will be giving a keynote speech at the Research Data Center conference at UCLA on Sept 14 and a talk at Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange 2017 on Sept 24.


  • Kontokosta, Constantine E., Boyeong Hong, and Kristi Korsberg. 2017. “Equity in 311 Reporting: Understanding Socio-Spatial Differentials in the Propensity to Complain,” Proceedings of the Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange 2017, New York, NY.


  • Kontokosta, Constantine E.Boyeong HongAwais Malik, Ira Bellach, Xueqi HuangKristi KorsbergDara Perl, and Avikal Somvanshi. 2017. “Predictors of Re-Admission for Homeless Families in New York City: The Case of the Win Shelter Network,” Proceedings of the Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange 2017, New York, NY.


  • Lai, Yuan and Constantine E. Kontokosta. 2017. “Measuring the Impact of Urban Street Trees on Air Quality and Respiratory Illness: A Data-Driven Approach to Environmental Justice,” Proceedings of the Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange 2017, New York, NY.
  • Steve Koonin will be giving a keynote speech on Sept 15 at the Smart Cities Symposium hosted by the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security.