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  • Welcome to Paul Horn, NYU’s former Senior Vice Provost for Research, who will be CUSP’s Acting Director through the end of the year.
  • Welcome to Amanda Ryley, who has joined us as Interim Associate Director for Administration taking over from Pat. Amanda comes to us from NYU’s Office of Budget and Financial Planning where she is the Assistant Director for Budget and Planning.
  • Welcome to Gonen Minuskin,  who has joined the Administrative Data Research Facility as Director of Technology.
  • Welcome to Laura Vert, who will join us as our Grants Specialist starting October 10. Laura comes to us from the Furman Center where she has served as Development Director and, preceeding that, as Fiscal & Grants Manager.
  • Welcome to Xiangyu Wang, a PhD student from NYU Abu Dhabi, who will be working with Prof. Masoud Ghandehari until June, 2019.
  • Welcome to Murat Barlas, a Tandon Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) student, and Cyrus Blinkinship, a graduate RA, both of whom will be working with Prof. Laefer.
  • CUSP MS students Sam Manzi, Rachel Sim, and Tandon CSE MS student Kedar Potdar will be working with Prof. Paul Torrens as SimSpace RAs. Tandon CSE MS students Anshul Garg, Madhur Biyani, and Shubham Aggarwal will be working with Paul on their theses.


  • Debra Laefer delivered a talk, “This technology could transform life in cities,” at the NYS Geospatial Summit.
  • Congratulations to Constantine Kontokosta, who was named a Senior Scholar at the New York Academy of Medicine. He will also be chairing a Civic Analytics and Urban Science “Big Ideas : Civic Analytics & Urban Science” session at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning annual conference and presenting a paper on big data applications for gentrification studies.
  • Bartosz Bonczak and Yuan Lai will be presenting at the MetroLabs Network Annual Summit. Bartosz will be a panelist for the “Programs that Strengthen City/University Partnerships” workshop, and Yuan’s lightning talk will be “Big Data for Local Climate Change.”
  • Justin Salamon will be delivering a talk, “Robust Sound Event Detection in Acoustic Sensor Networks,” at the SANE 2018 Speech and Audio in the Northeast conference in Cambridge, MA on October 18th. BirdVox intern Kendra Oudyk will be presenting her internship work, “BirdVox-Imitation: A dataset of human imitations of birdsong with potential for research in psychology and machine listening,” at the same conference.  Note: this dataset was collected thanks to the help of 19 CUSP students, faculty, and staff, who were asked to perform vocal imitations of bird songs. Kendra and Vincent Lostanlen would like to thank all participants for devoting some of their time to their research.


  • Bonczak, Bartosz and Constantine E. Kontokosta. 2018. “Large-scale Parameterization of 3D Building Morphology in Complex Urban Landscapes Using Aerial LiDAR and City Administrative Data,” Computers, Environment, and Urban Systems, in press.
  • Kontokosta, Constantine E., Jeff Merritt, and Sander Dolder. 2018. “Solving City Challenges through Neighborhood Innovation Labs: Moving from Smart Cities to Informed Communities,” in Smarter New York City: How City Agencies Innovate, André Corrêa d’Almeida, ed. New York: Columbia University Press
  • Zhu, Enwei, Maham Khan, Philipp Kats, Shreya Santosh Bamne, and Stanislav Sobolevsky. “Digital Urban Sensing: A Multi-layered Approach.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.01280 (2018). Note: Stan’s co-authors are CUSP Masters alumni.
  • Zhu, Enwei, and Stanislav Sobolevsky. “House Price Modeling with Digital Census.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.03834 (2018).
  • Sobolevsky, Stanislav, Ekaterina Levitskaya, Henry Chan, Marc Postle, and Constantine Kontokosta. “Impact Of Bike Sharing In New York City.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.06606(2018).
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  • Lostanlen, Vincent, “Eigentriads and Eigenprogressions on the Tonnetz,” Proceedings of the Late-Breaking / Demo session (LBD) of the International Society of Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR). September 2018, Paris, France. arxiv: 1810.00790 (2018).