Subway Train in New York at Sunset


  • Welcome to Jeffrey Friedman, who will be working with Julia Lane as the Director of Operations and Business Development for the Coleridge Initiative at NYU from now until October 31, 2018.
  • Congratulations to Nick Jones who has been awarded NYU’s International Student Leadership Award. He is being recognized, in part, for spearheading the creation of CUSP’s new student organization, the Applied Urban Science Group (AUSG). A brief summary of the Spring 2018 Speaker Series is available here:


  • Congratulations to Julia Lane on her $742K NSF award, “New Insights into STEM Pathways: The Role of Peers, Networks, and Demand.” Julia will be giving keynote addresses at the Bank of Canada Workshop on Data Science for Central Banks this June in Ottawa, at AAPOR 2018 (The American Association for Public Opinion) this May in Denver, at the New Zealand Association of Economists in Auckland this June, and at the Big Data Meets Survey Science (BigSurv18) conference in Barcelona this October.
  • Congratulations to the entire Administrative Data Research Facility for all the work it took to be listed in the FedRAMP Marketplace.  They also had a successful first week of training sponsored and hosted by The Kauffman Foundation to the explore local economic development in Kansas City, MO.
  • Congratulations to Greg Dobler, who is Co-PI on a $300k NSF EAGER award, “EAGER: Smart Community Big Data Co-op”, with US Ignite to develop a platform for city agencies to ingest modern sensing and advanced analytic outputs into city operations around the country. Arcadis has also awarded Greg funding to hire two CUSP GRAs to investigate vegetative health in urban environments.
  • Congratulations to Debra Laefer on her April 14 Sunset Park LiDAR flyover with more than 380 experiments on the ground. Thanks is due to Brittney O’Neil, Vu Vo, and Kim Alfred for all their help in getting this organized and coordinated with a number of city agencies.
  • Tandon’s Research Expo 2018. Congratulations to the teams who competed in the research expo:  “Mapping Solar Potentials at an Extremely High Resolution” (Vu Vo), “Smart Cities Technologies” (Kontokosta, Chow, Ozbay), “Urban LiDAR and Remote Sensing” (Laefer), “Neuroscience for Architecture: Quantification of Human Responsiveness in Static and Responsive Built Environments” (Ergan).
  • Science Talk: Director Steve Koonin, “The Climate Consensus: Surprises in the Fine Print,” 6:00PM, Monday, May 7, Room 1201. Popular and policy discussions of the climate/energy nexus can be importantly at variance with the underlying science. Dr. Koonin will cover some rarely discussed aspects of the alleged consensus view of climate science and what they imply for our climate and energy futures.