Subway Train in New York at Sunset


  • Congratulations to Debra Laefer, who was selected as a member of the American Delegation for the USA-Russia Symposium in May 2018 hosted by the Geo-Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, Foundations, and Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Jorge Garcia-Vidal of the Computer Architecture Department at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya will join us starting January 23. He will be working with Prof. Masoud Ghandehari. García-Vidal is head of the Statistical Analysis of Networks and Systems (SANS) research group. He lectures courses on Statistical Analisys of Systems, Mobile Internet and Internet of Things. 


  • Congratulations to Prof. Debra Laefer who received Provostial support to fund her aerial LiDAR ground-truthing experiments.


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  • Stanislav Sobolevsky,  Philipp Kats,  Sergey Malinchik,  Mark Hoffman,  Brian Kettler,  Constantine Kontokosta. “Twitter Connections Shaping New York City.” Hawaii International Conference In System Sciences’2018 (January, 2018; this is a paper resulting from our collaboration with Lockheed Martin).
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