New York City Snow


Welcome to a number of new faces at CUSP:

  • Chris Angelosanto, Director, Research Administration for NYU Coleridge Initiative
  • Emily Wiessner, Grants Administrator, NYU Coleridge Initiative
  • Stacie Bloom, Vice Provost for Research
  • Nancy Daneau, Assistant Vice Provost of Sponsored Research and Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Christine Ponder, Senior Director for Research Advancement and Training
  • Christopher Snyder, Associate Director Engineering Commercialization
  • Zhenlan Hu (Joe), Master’s student, Tandon Electrical Engineering, working with Chris Snyder on Tech Transfer.

Congratulations to Dr. Nicholas Johnson for the successful defense of his dissertation on “Studies in Urban Informatics: Tools and Techniques to Explore Socio-Ecological Urban Systems”!

Sattik Deb moderated a panel on “Self-Disclosure in Student Affairs Practice and Counseling” last week at the Excellence in Student Affairs Conference at Rutgers University.


The Urban Modeling Group finally completed their flyover over Sunset Park and are now waiting for their data.

Vincent Lostanlen’s research-creation collaboration with composer Florian Hecker is now available in a newly released album. Vincent has been collaborating with Hecker since 2016 on various computer music pieces. The album (Lorenzo Senni. “The Shape of RemiXXXes to Come”. Warp, 2018) contains one track from Hecker “XAllegroX (Hecker Scattering.m Sequence),” which is “a technical ambient mix essentially consisting of resynthesized material prominently featuring Vincent Lostanlen’s scattering.m toolbox for time-frequency scattering transforms.” This “scattering.m toolbox” (pronounced “scattering dot M”) is a piece of software Vincent wrote during his years of PhD at École normale supérieure in Paris. He is still maintaining it today, as a visiting scholar at NYU CUSP and NYU MARL.


Daniel Neill had three papers/talks at the Neural Information Processing Systems workshops:

  • Daniel B. Neill. Machine learning for development: opportunities, challenges, and a roadmap.  Invited talk, NeurIPS 2018 Workshop on Machine Learning for the Developing World, 2018.
  • Roberto C.S.N.P. Souza, Renato Assunção, Daniel B. Neill*, Luís G.S. Silva, and Wagner Meira Jr. Spatial risk modeling for infectious disease surveillance using population movement data. In Proc. NeurIPS 2018 Workshop on Modeling and Decision-Making in the Spatio-Temporal Domain, 2018.

Daniel Neill also had two abstracts accepted for oral presentation at the upcoming International Society for Disease Surveillance Annual Conference, one of which received the “Best Student or Post-Graduate Abstract” award:

  • Roberto C.S.N.P. Souza, Renato Assunção, Daniel B. Neill, and Wagner Meira Jr. Identifying high-risk areas for dengue infection using mobility patterns on Twitter.  Online Journal of Public Health Informatics: ISDS Annual Conference Proceedings, 2019, in press.
  • Mallory Nobles , Ramona Lall , Robert Mathes , and Daniel B. Neill. Multidimensional semantic scan for pre-syndromic disease surveillance. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics: ISDS Annual Conference Proceedings, 2019, in press. Winner of the “Best Student or Post-Graduate Abstract Award”.

Cartwright, M., Dove, G., Mendez, A.M.M., Bello, J.P., Nov, O.  Crowdsourcing Multi-label Audio Annotation Tasks with Citizen Scientists. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2019.