Rufei Sheng and Zhu Wang with awards

Rufei Sheng and Zhu Wang

NYU CUSP Graduate Student Rufei Sheng is part of a winning team for the NYU 2nd Annual Innovators in Aging Award!

The NYU Aging Incubator invited students to submit innovative ideas for tools or resources that would significantly enhance research, policy or lifestyle for older adults as their lifespan increases.

Rufei- along with team members Zhu Wang (NYU Tandon) and Marta Gospodarek (NYU Steinhardt)- plan to design a virtual reality system combined with a pressure-sensing walkway for clinicians to understand the underlying domain that leads to imbalance, by comparing balance parameters between rich and poor stimuli provided by various visual scenes. The team will have access to up to $10,000 to build their product during the 19/20 academic year.

Steinhardt’s Anat Lubetzky, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, is the team’s faculty advisor and is advising them through their build-out.

Congratulations to Rufei Sheng!