Fall leaves
Fall leaves


  • On October 29th, Assistant Professor Giuseppe Loianno will lead a full-day workshop on “Perception, Learning, and Control for Autonomous Agile Vehicles” at IROS 2020. This workshop will bring together heterogeneous communities working on aerial robots, mobile ground vehicles, and autonomous cars to discuss the next research challenges in the area of agile navigation of autonomous robots and vehicles to achieve super-human maneuvering and racing capabilities in dynamic and challenging environments.
  • A new webinar from C2SMART examines how a framework by Associate Professor of Practice Stanislav Sobolevsky can be used for assessing mode-shift and the resulting economic, social, and environmental implications for any future urban transportation solutions and policies being considered by decision-makers or transportation companies.
  • Assistant Professor Chen Feng recently won a grant from the National Science Foundation to research how soft, wearable robots could improve the future for workers with upper limb disabilities. Collaborating with Tandon co-principal investigators Vikram Kapila and Ludovic Righetti as well as colleagues from CUNY and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, the team is developing new perceptive and adaptive soft, wearable robots and investigating how these robots could provide physical assistance and skill training for older workers and workers with physical disabilities.




  • Our application for both Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 is now open! Learn more about our programs in Urban Informatics on our website or start your application here.
  • NYU CUSP is pleased to announce its 2021 call for Capstone Projects, open to city agencies, private sector companies, and academic organizations interested in co-supervising an applied urban analytics project with CUSP graduate students! The 6-month Capstone Program is the experiential learning focus of the MS program, teaching CUSP students to utilize urban data science techniques within the constraints of political, social, and financial considerations, as well as address issues of data privacy, validity, and transparency. Learn more about the 2021 Capstone Program and submit a project proposal here: https://cusp.nyu.edu/capstone-projects/

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