A beautiful view of New York City and the Brooklyn Bridge


  • On Friday, November 13th, at 1pm EST, Professor Debra Laefer will discuss her NSF COVID-19 research at the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub COVID-19 Research Lightning Talks: Webinar and Q&A. Learn more & RSVP here.
  • The Sounds of New York City (SONYC) Project collaborated with Loft to develop a rugged, easy to install IIOT (Industrial Internet Of Things) urban noise collection network meter that New Yorkers could mount outside their windows. Loft is building 100 initial production units which will be deployed to New Yorker’s homes, collecting noise information across the city.
  • Assistant Professor Giuseppe Loianno will be a plenary speaker at the 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR 2020). His invited talk on “Agile and Resilient Autonomous Flight” will present recent research results on agile and resilient navigation of aerial robots for search and rescue, exploration, transportation, physical environment interaction, and human drone collaboration. He will also present a paper at SSRR 2020 in the main program.
  • On November 2-3, Assistant Professor Giuseppe Loianno led a full-day workshop on “Perception, Learning, and Control for Autonomous Agile Vehicles” at IROS 2020. This workshop will bring together heterogeneous communities working on aerial robots, mobile ground vehicles, and autonomous cars to discuss the next research challenges in the area of agile navigation of autonomous robots and vehicles to achieve super-human maneuvering and racing capabilities in dynamic and challenging environments.
  • Institute Professor Maurizio Porfiri devised a novel solution based on network and information theory that makes “little data” act big through, the application of mathematical techniques normally used for time-series, to spatial processes. The study, “An information-theoretic approach to study spatial dependencies in small datasets,” was featured on the cover of Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences.
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor Alexander Shermansong led a three-day workshop on the Pink Tax on Mobility. The workshop analyzed the causes of the Pink Tax: Women pay more than men for their travel needs, because transportation options do not effectively address caregiver accessibility and personal safety. Sponsored by NYSERDA and Lyft, the workshop included MTA, NYC DOT, NYC EDC, LA Metro, and a wide range of businesses, university partners, and community organizations.


  • The BUILT @ NYU Laboratory, led by Assistant Professor Joseph Chow, has 11 papers accepted for presentation at the 100th Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, which will be held virtually in January 2021. These papers include contributions from an Undergraduate Summer Research Program student as well as collaborators from TU Delft and LISER in Luxembourg.
  • Assistant Professor Joseph Chow also has a paper co-authored with Professor Kaan Ozbay published in Transportation Research Part A (a leading policy/practice journal for transportation field):
    • He, B. Y., Zhou, J., Ma, Z., Chow, J. Y. J., Ozbay, K., 2020. “Evaluation of city-scale built environment policies in New York City using an emerging mobility-accessible synthetic population.” Transportation Research Part A 141, 444-467.
    • The paper is from a C2SMART study to develop a synthetic population for NYC as a precursor to this multiagent simulation tool called MATSim-NYC, which simulates travel patterns for 8+M NYC residents throughout a typical weekday. The synthetic population is publicly accessible here.
  • Sheng Wang, Yuan Sun, and Zhifeng Bao. “On the Efficiency of K-Means Clustering: Evaluation, Optimization, and Algorithm Selection.” PVLDB, 14(2): 163 – 175, 2021.


  • Earth-shaking expertise – New faculty member Luis Ceferino is exploring novel ways to model natural disasters (NYU Tandon)


  • Congratulations to CUSP’s associated faculty member Semiha Ergan in her promotion to the rank of Associate Professor!
  • Welcome to Peter Huu Tran, CUSP’s new Manager of Student Engagement & Academic Administration!


  • Our application for both Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 is now open! Learn more about our programs in Urban Informatics on our website or start your application here. The deadline for Spring 2021 entry has been extended to November 15th!
  • NYU CUSP is pleased to announce its 2021 call for Capstone Projects, open to city agencies, private sector companies, and academic organizations interested in co-supervising an applied urban analytics project with CUSP graduate students! The 6-month Capstone Program is the experiential learning focus of the MS program, teaching CUSP students to utilize urban data science techniques within the constraints of political, social, and financial considerations, as well as address issues of data privacy, validity, and transparency. Learn more about the 2021 Capstone Program and submit a project proposal here.
  • Data is Not Enough to Solve Our ProblemsCUSP MS Student Brandon Pachuca examined how to better frame questions to solve public problems in a new blog post for his “Innovative City Governance” course.