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CUSP is Hiring!

  • Visiting Assistant or Associate Faculty: The successful candidate will serve as the Interim Director of Academics at CUSP, manage a staff of two, and lead admissions, marketing, student services, curricular development and quality control for our programs. As part of CUSP’s leadership team, they will also contribute to strategic planning and decision-making for the center and lead our faculty on academic issues. The successful candidate will also be expected to advise students and teach 4-5 courses/year, including our two-semester capstone sequence of hands-on project work with external partners, as well as specialized courses from our required or elective lists. This position is full-time, non-tenured, with an initial appointment for 1 year, renewable depending on need and performance.
  • Marketing and Communications Manager: Reporting to the CUSP Academic Director, this position is responsible for managing NYU CUSP’s marketing strategies and tools. Leveraging new and existing technologies, and in accordance with the Director and CUSP’s priorities and strategies, design web content, social media, digital marketing, and communications plans primarily for CUSP MS degree and Online Advanced Certificate program admissions.


  • Assistant Professor S. Farokh Atashzar organized a workshop on “NeuroHaptics: Touch with the Brain” at IEEE WorldHaptics 2021. The workshop discussed the most recent novel efforts related to neuroscientific models for the human sense of touch and the combination of haptics and advanced neurorehabilitation robotics technologies.
  • Professor Debra Laefer has welcomed several new students to her research initiatives:
    • Doctoral students Kim Hertz and Elmon Toman (Urban Infrastructure Systems) and Ayman Elzibak (Civil Engineering) have joined the Urban Modeling Group.
    • William Schell, an Environmental Science teacher at Brooklyn Technical High School, has joined Prof. Laefer’s summer research program investigating low cost means for localized flood modeling around the Newtown Creek.
    • High school students CJ Amos, Priscilla Ramchand, Ron Alweiss, and Ayesa Siddeky, as well as Delphine Protopapas from the Weston Research Program at Brooklyn Technical High School have joined professor Laefer’s summer research group through the NYU ARISE program. They are investigating COVID-19 related spatio-temporal patterns and are also joined by visiting scholar Andrew Larkin from the University of Utah.
  • Professor Debra Laefer is leading the standards working group for the Disaster Use Case for the development of the Open Geo-Spatial Consortium’s Model for Underground Data Definition and Integration (MUDDI) model, which is designed to make subsurface utility data fully interoperable.
  • Professor Debra Laefer was recently named a finalist in the NSF BRITE (Boosting Research Ideas for Transformative and Equitable Advances in Engineering) completion in the Fellow Track. The BRITE Fellow Track is intended to support established tenured or equivalent researchers who have demonstrated impact beyond scientific output to request extended time and freedom to use their intellectual creativity to explore divergent, bold, and ambitious research ideas where the expected scientific outcomes are highly uncertain and, therefore, high-risk.
  • Professor Debra Laefer is also chairing the upcoming 3D GeoInfo 2021 conference, a 4-day virtual event focusing on advances in spatial data collection, analysis, and visualization. NYU faculty member and noble laureate Paul Romer will give the opening talk for the conference.


  • Ahmed Altelbani, Haoran Zhou, Sarmad Mehrdad, Farshid Alambeigi, S. Farokh Atashzar, “Design and Validation of a New Family of Bio-Inspired 3D-Printable Structurally-Programmable Soft Robots,” 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems.