Headshot of Vincent Lostanlen

Postdoctoral Researcher Vincent Lostanlen recently spoke at “Artificial Intelligence in Audio Processing: Applications, Advancements, and Trends,” an event featuring speakers who explored recent advancements in AI and deep learning for audio, as well as the impact this work will have on the future of audio processing.

Vincent’s talk discussed “Birdvox Machine Listening for Bird Migration Monitoring.” BirdVox, a collaboration between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and NYU’s Music and Audio Research Laboratory, aims to investigate machine listening techniques for the automatic detection and classification of free-flying bird species from their vocalizations. The ultimate goal is to deploy a network of acoustic sensing devices for real-time monitoring of seasonal bird migratory patterns, particularly the determination of the precise timing of passage for each species.

You can watch Vincent’s talk below (beginning at 1:18:30) or learn more about the event here.