Congratulations to the winners of this year’s 2021 Commencement and Achievement Awards, awarded to those with impressive academic achievements, research initiatives, and other accomplishments at CUSP. They have not only risen to the challenges posed by unprecedented circumstances; they have gone above and beyond to excel academically, support one another, and reflect admirably upon NYU CUSP, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and the broader NYU community.

Scholastic Award
Wanyu Cao
Mengyuan Guo
John Paul McKay
Aleka Raju
Dina Wagdy
Kendra Singh
Yutong Zhu

Promising Researcher Award
Aleka Raju

Professional Student Award
Asnat Ghebremedhin
Samantha Falk
Kendra Singh
Yanmei Guan
Nicholas Liu-Sontag
AJ Kuhn
Tyler Matteo

Community Building and Leadership Award
Aren Kabarajian
Tyler Matteo

Commitment to Social Good Award
Rachel Provost

A list of all NYU Tandon 2021 Commencement Award winners can be found here.