COVID-19 Guidance and Information

NYU CUSP is excited to welcome students, faculty, and staff back to campus for the 2021-22 academic year. As we transition back to in-person learning and operations, we remain vigilant to the changing situation in New York City and globally, and continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the university with a focus on safety and health.

Below is basic information that affects daily access to campus buildings, but for full information regarding NYU’s COVID-19-related health and safety plan, please refer to the NYU Returns hub and Tandon Returns.

Last updated January 12, 2022.

Vaccination Requirements

All members of the NYU community—students, faculty, administrators, staff, and campus visitors—are required to be fully vaccinated and are required to upload proof of their vaccination. Guidance citing “fully vaccinated” individuals means anyone who has completed all doses of an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed COVID-19 vaccine; for whom 14 days have passed since their final dose; AND who has uploaded proof of vaccination and had it validated by NYU. 

NYU also requires all members of the NYU community to receive a COVID-19 booster vaccination as soon as they are eligible and upload proof of the vaccination by January 18, 2022.

  • Vaccines must be authorized in the United States by the FDA or on the WHO list of approved vaccines. NYU is currently accepting the FDA-authorized vaccines and the WHO-listed vaccines.
  • All NYU students, faculty, and employees who are fully vaccinated are required to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination and booster through the Student Health Center’s Portal. Please refer to the upload instructions and FAQs for assistance with this process. Note: those vaccinated by NYU on campus do not need to upload their record.
  • Please refer to NYU’s guidance for international students who do not have access to COVID-19 vaccines prior to arriving on campus if applicable.
  • Students, faculty, and employees may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for medical or religious reasons. Review of exemption requests will take approximately ten business days so please submit your request with adequate time for review.
  • Failure to comply with NYU’s COVID-19 immunization requirement will result in consequences up to and including de-enrollment. Building access will be denied for those not in compliance with NYU’s vaccination requirement.

Ongoing Testing

NYU students, faculty, and employees are required to participate in ongoing NYU testing if they:

  • Have an approved vaccination exemption;
  • Submitted proof that they received their first vaccine dose but not enough time has passed for them to get their second dose; or
  • Submitted proof that they completed all doses of an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine schedule and have received validation, but it has been less than two weeks since their final vaccine dose.
  • Any NYU employee who is not yet fully compliant but is required to be on campus.

Randomized testing of NYU community members—including those who are fully vaccinated—will help monitor for COVID-19 infections on campus. If you are randomly selected, you will receive an email from NYU asking you to get tested.

Discretionary testing is open to all students, faculty, and employees who wish to take a COVID-19 test at NYU (no more than once a week). Refer to NYU Returns for detailed information about how to get tested.

Daily Screener

NYU students, faculty, employees, affiliates, visitors, and vendors, regardless of vaccination status, are required to use the NYU Daily COVID-19 Screener for Campus Access (Daily Screener) each day, prior to leaving home, if you plan to enter an NYU academic or administrative building. The Daily Screener is most easily answered on a smartphone through the NYU Mobile app (Apple and Android). If you cannot use NYU Mobile, you can complete the screener online.

When you use the Daily Screener, you will receive a determination for that day.

  • If you receive a green “PASS,” you will show this to the Campus Safety Officer at the building entrance each time you enter an NYU academic or administrative building.
  • If you receive a red “FAIL,” you will not be permitted to enter NYU academic or administrative buildings.
  • If you receive a yellow “PASS”, your access to buildings will be limited, and will exclude common buildings, including Bobst Library, Kimmel, dining, theatre facilities, sports and recreation facilities (unless you work there).
  •  Any employee who has difficulty completing the Daily Screener at home, before they leave for work, should contact Students, contact

Mask Requirements

Continuing this fall 2021 semester, all members of the NYU community—students, faculty, administrators, staff, visitors, vendors, and affiliates—are required to wear masks at all times while indoors on the University campus or while participating in University-sponsored activities off-campus. Acceptable masks include:

  • Disposable masks (surgical or medical procedure masks)
  • KN95 masks
  • KF94 mask
  • N95 masks

 Members of the NYU community may remove their mask within NYU facilities only in the following circumstances:

  • Individuals working alone in single occupancy spaces with their doors closed.
  • While eating, which must be done at least six feet apart from other people (and preferably in designated spaces).
  • Residents of NYU housing, alone or around their roommates or partners, while in their own units.
These requirements pertain to all buildings, residence halls and their grounds, clinics, laboratories, classrooms, balconies, plazas, vestibules, loading docks, and on any other campus property, as well as times of brief interaction between co-workers or friends while on the University campus. Masks must cover both mouth and nose. All members of the NYU community who are not fully vaccinated are also required to wear a mask while outdoors if they are not able to maintain 6 feet of distance from other people.