Improve Public Guidance to Natural Disasters

Project Sponsor

  • Aidan Mcinerney, Head of Data Science, GHD
  • Dario Feliciangeli, Transport Market Leader, GHD
  • Simon Babes, EMEA Market Development Leader – Advisory, GHD


Measuring response to public guidance during incidents of wildfires or major storms.

Category: Urban Health

Project Description & Overview

Study to develop models which describe the observed large-scale response by pedestrian/traffic during recent natural disasters in North America. This research topic will involve the application of data science and spatial modelling techniques to high-volume mobile phone movement data to understand evacuation patterns. This will potentially inform a macro-wildfire evacuation simulation model (WUINITY2).


High-volume mobile phone movement data


  • Data science
  • Spatial modeling techniques

Learning Outcomes & Deliverables

  • Website creation
  • Outcomes visualization
  • Human behavior understanding