2020 Capstone Projects

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

NYU CUSP’s Capstone program brings together student teams with government agencies, industry, or other research partners to address real-world urban challenges through data. The capstone presentation event is the culmination of their six-month projects and marks the final presentation of the students’ work during their studies at CUSP.

Projects consist of team-based work on a pressing urban issue. Teams work with a project sponsor to define the problem, collect and analyze data, visualize the results, and, finally, formulate and deliver a possible solution. Student teams are challenged to utilize urban informatics within the context of city operations and planning, while considering political, social, and economic realities and data management and ethics. The goal of each project is to create impactful, replicable, and actionable results that inform data-driven urban operations and a new understanding of city dynamics.


  • 11:00am – 1:00pm: Breakout Session #1
    • Breakout A
    • Breakout B
  • 1:00pm – 2:45pm: Breakout Session #2
    • Breakout A
    • Breakout B
  • 3:00pm: Recognition Ceremony

Breakout Session #1 - 11:00am to 1:00pm

Breakout A Projects

The Urban Dynamics Around the New York & Milano Fashion Weeks

Sponsor: Politecnico di Milano

CUSP Mentor: Enrico Bertini

CUSP Students: Khouloud El Alami, John Thomas Hughes, Di Xin

Security Analysis of Trajectory Data

Sponsor: NYU CUSP

CUSP Mentor: Chenglu Jin

CUSP Students: Shreeraman Arunachalam Karikalan, Aparna Bhutani, Siqi Huang, Vivek Patel

Digital CEQR 2.0: Real-Time Prediction of City Planning Proposals’ Environmental Impact

Sponsor: inCitu (by DRAW Brooklyn LLC)

CUSP Mentor: Chenglu Jin

CUSP Students: Guilherme Louzada, Chenjie Su, Akash Yadav, Eric Zhuang

Mapping Sustainable Mobility in NYC Nightlife Culture

Sponsor: VibeLab

CUSP Mentor: Kim Mahler

CUSP Students: Nicholas LiCalzi, Kaifu Ren, Yingyuan Zhang, Yutong Zhu

Breakout B Projects

Pathways to Legal Occupancy: Preserving Nightlife Cultural Spaces

Sponsor:Office of Nightlife, NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment

CUSP Mentor: Kim Mahler

CUSP Students: Vivian Chen, Ani Harnur, Andrew Norris, Christine Vandevoorde

Documenting the Economic Impacts of New York City’s Investment in Water Supply: A Data Visualization Foundation for Economic Analysis

Sponsor: New York City Department of Environmental Protection

CUSP Mentor: Huy T. Vo

CUSP Students: Asnat Ghebremedhin, Angelia Lau, Ross MacWhinney, Pratik Watwani

Mapping Economic Change in New York City’s Telecom Industry

Sponsor: New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications and Town+Gown

CUSP Mentor: Junaid Khan

CUSP Students: Wesley Chioh, Yichen Liu, Erik Lopez, Ziyu Yan

Assessing the Circular Economy Opportunity in NYC

Sponsor: New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY)

CUSP Mentor: Martina Balestra

CUSP Students: Yong Fan, Yang Li, Solomane Sirleaf, Rongjian Yang

Breakout Session #2 - 1:00pm to 2:45pm

Breakout A Projects

Smart Monitor for Accelerating Regional Transformation (SMART)

Sponsor: US Ignite

CUSP Mentor: Martina Balestra

CUSP Students: Ram Sowmya Narayanan, Jianqi Tang, Zehui Xiang, Yanyan Xu, Zheyuan Zhang

Applying Multi-Agent RL to SLAM with Graph Pose for Sampled-Data MPC and CPN of Autonomous Drone Swarms

Sponsor: RiskEconLab@CourantNYU, in conjunction with NYU Agile Robotics and Perception Lab (ARPL)

CUSP Mentor: David Mordecai

CUSP Students: Rohith Gandhi Ganesan, Yue Jin,  Kunru Lu,  Elmon Toraman


Sponsor: CIV-LAB

CUSP Mentor: Stanislav Sobolevsky

CUSP Students: Earl Lin, Jerome Louison, Yushu Rao, Xinran Zhao

Statistical Analysis Plan: Genetic Oncology Testing and Geospatial Trends


CUSP Mentor: 

CUSP Students: Samantha Falk

Breakout B Projects

Crowdsourced Security Cameras Enabling a Real-time Scaled Response to Crime

Sponsor: City of Paterson, NJ

CUSP Mentor: Junaid Khan

CUSP Students: Jianan Gong, Pengcheng Yang

The Bronx Work Zone Interagency Traffic Data, Modeling, and Analysis

Sponsor: HDR

CUSP Mentor: Kaan Ozbay

CUSP Students: John Collier, Seunggyun Han, Linda Jaber, Akhil Singh

Urban Dynamics of Bird Migration

Sponsor: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

CUSP Mentor: Charlie Mydlarz

CUSP Students: Max Brueckner-Humphreys, Mei Guan, Martha Norrick, Xin Yu