Master of ScienceApplied Urban Science
and Informatics
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The Urban Science Intensive (USI), a two-semester capstone project, is at the core of the program.

During the Intensive, you will work in a multidisciplinary environment with a city agency or industry partner to address a current urban challenge in a particular domain, e.g., transit, public health, environmental sustainability. You will play an important role in the project, working with other researchers — and even entrepreneurs — to unlock the potential in big data to make the city run better.

USI projects  may be part of larger, on-going NYU-CUSP research efforts involving city agencies and NYU‑CUSP industry partners, self-contained projects involving agencies and industry partners, or more entrepreneurial in focus and content, where you and a team of students will work on developing a new solution derived from your analysis.

Are you a city agency or industry partner interested in sponsoring a team USI project for the upcoming spring and summer academic semesters? Please visit our USI webpage for details on how to draft a relevant USI project, the process selection, timelines, and submission.

During the Urban Science Intensive Capstone
you will:

  • Work with an interdisciplinary team of MS and Advanced Certificate students. A CUSP faculty member and members of CUSP industry and agency partners will help lead the project.
  • Utilize urban informatics within the real-world constraints of city operations and development, as well as political, policy, and financial considerations.
  • Produce deliverables in the form most relevant to the nature of the problem and solutions developed. These could include databases, models, visualizations, and, at a minimum, a written report and oral presentations to key stakeholders.

Please click here to see examples of previous CUSP student USI projects.