Urban Informatics

Explore the Issues Urban informatics can turn data into solutions for New York City’s toughest problems.

Overcrowded Subways

Overcrowded subways aren’t just a morning hassle. They have a real impact on the livability of the city and the well-being of its citizens.

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MTA Study May Lead to Different Subway Car Designs.
NY MTA Upping Service on L Train to Reduce “Sardine Crush” of Riders.

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Straphangers, Rejoice! MTA, AT&T & NYU-Poly Team Up to Create New Digital Applications to Improve the Transit Experience.

The digital revolution brought with it radically new ways of collecting, storing, and processing data. By creating knowledge from data about how New York functions, the city can combat fundamental challenges that have loomed large for decades here in New York and in cities throughout the world.

Aging Buildings

While many of New York’s buildings excel in beauty, they lack the brains of newer, smarter construction that uses resources more efficiently and attracts the commercial tenants vital to the city’s economy. Older residential, office buildings and hospitals are also more vulnerable to natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy.

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New York’s Aging Buildings Bloomberg Pushes a Plan to Let Midtown Soar Building Resiliency Task Force Releases Recommendations to Strengthen NYC Building Standards

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Building Resiliency Task Force Report

To make sense of big data, we need new techniques to manage and analyze it, advanced methods to uncover patterns, make predictions, and ways of turning findings into practical recommendations governments, companies, and even citizens, can put into action. This is the aim of urban informatics.

Air Quality

Air pollution is one of the most significant environmental threats facing the city. It contributes to approximately 6% of annual deaths in New York City each year.

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Microsampling Air Pollution Survey Finds Street-Level Air Pollution in Manhattan NYC Bets on Natural Gas to Reduce Air Pollution

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Air Pollution and the Health of New Yorkers: The Impact of Fine Particles and Ozone