Urban Informatics

What is Urban Informatics? Urban informatics uses data to better understand how cities work. This understanding can remedy a wide range of issues affecting the everyday lives of citizens and the long-term health and efficiency of cities — from morning commutes to emergency preparedness to air quality. CUSP aims to be the world’s leading authority on the emerging field of urban informatics, with New York City as its laboratory and classroom. The urban issues CUSP takes on will be New York’s. The solutions it creates will make the city more productive, livable, equitable, and resilient.

In an internet minute…

New York City’s government creates a terabyte of raw information every day about everything from parking tickets to electricity. Urban informatics can give structure and new meaning to that sea of data.

How does Urban Informatics work? To see how urban informatics works, take this example of how CUSP might help New York City solve issues related to traffic congestion.