Matthew B. Ross

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Research Scientist 646-997-0543 Matthew B. Ross is a Research Scientist in the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University. Matt’s research interests center around questions from the fields of public policy, labor dynamics, innovation, technological change,… Continue Reading Matthew B. Ross

Zhiao Zhou

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume BiographyI’m now a M.S. urban Informatics candidate at NYU CUSP learning data science for urban context and I just graduated form Shanghai University of Finance & Economics majoring in Actuarial Science. I have… Continue Reading Zhiao Zhou

Lingyi Zhang

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume  Undergraduate EducationMinzu University of China, Beijing, China, Bachelor of Art in EconomicsOther Degrees & CertificationsChinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, Master of Art in Management, Majored in Technology Economics and ManagementCurrent InterestsInternshipsPart-time employmentFull-time… Continue Reading Lingyi Zhang

Ian Xiao

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume BiographyI aspire to solve meaningful business and social challenges by using design thinking, creating meaningful products (digital/physical), and inspiring others. I am curious to know how Advanced Analytics, Design Thinking, and Behavioral Economics… Continue Reading Ian Xiao

Yukun Wan

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn BiographyI have technical background with three years consulting experience. Now, I am interested in Data Analysis.Most Recent Professional ExperienceSUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE, QAD INC.Work on ERP installation, customization and consulting projects with many manufacturing companiesDevelop Hot… Continue Reading Yukun Wan

Chun-Chieh Tsai

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume BiographyChunChieh is a passionate data analyst with an engineering background. He devoted himself to apply statistical modeling and AI in the business area. He has more than 2 years of data science beginning… Continue Reading Chun-Chieh Tsai

Yixuan Tang

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume BiographyYixuan Tang moved to New York City from Southern China?with the motivation and curiosity to learn data manipulation, she is now a graduate student in CUSP, NYU, studying applied urban science and informatics.… Continue Reading Yixuan Tang

Juan Sokoloff

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume BiographyEconomics Undergrad from the Universidad de Los Andes, after that, following a passion for urban economics I started campaigning with Enrique Peñalosa to help him win the 2015 mayoral election of Bogotá, moving… Continue Reading Juan Sokoloff

Alex Shannon

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MS Class of 2018 Resume BiographyData professional who enjoys crunching numbers, but realizes that pursuing the wrong questions can be just as inefficient as (and possibly much more dangerous than) using bubble sort. Primarily interested in the intersection of… Continue Reading Alex Shannon

Sarah Schoengold

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Twitter Biography Sarah Schoengold is a product development professional and design strategist passionate about technology and social impact. She started at TED Talks working on digital storytelling platforms, including projects in the ed-tech, citizen… Continue Reading Sarah Schoengold

Rebecca Scheidegger

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Biography Adaptive, analytical, and adventurous with multisector, startup, and international experience. Able to add value to any team with nimble problem-solving skills and self-starter mindset. Currently pursuing MS in Applied Urban Science and gaining… Continue Reading Rebecca Scheidegger

Nina Nurrahmawati

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume  BiographyExperienced urban planner with history of working as government consultant in Indonesia, where she has focused on regional and infrastructure development. She is currently pursuing MS in Applied Urban Science and Informatics at… Continue Reading Nina Nurrahmawati

Andrew Nell

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume BiographyI am a 27-year-old South African, with 5 years of work experience between a technical engineering consulting role and as a management consultant. I am currently completing my Masters in Applied Urban Science… Continue Reading Andrew Nell

Christian Moscardi

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn BiographyAccomplished technologist and data scientist with a keen interest in the civics space.Most Recent Professional ExperienceDIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY, THE DATA INCUBATORManage 10-person technical team, 100-server cloud for all aspects of technical work.Set technical direction and… Continue Reading Christian Moscardi

Charlie Moffett

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MS Class of 2018 LinkedIn Resume BiographyBorn and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Charlie received his B.A. in Anthropology from UC Berkeley before joining Google as an advertising and analytics strategist. At clean-tech startup Enervee in Los… Continue Reading Charlie Moffett