City Challenge Week

City Challenge Week is an intensive orientation that will introduce you to CUSP, fellow students, partners, city agencies and NYU resources. This year it will run from August 27th to August 30th, 2018.

Click here to view the schedule for City Challenge Week 2018.

Urban Computing Skills Lab

Our faculty strongly recommend you begin working through the Urban Computing Skills Lab (UCSL). The UCSL covers some programming and analytical foundations you will need to succeed in your upcoming coursework. The UCSL challenges help you assess your understanding of this content, and tutorials are provided where needed. Prior students have found it can take up to six weeks to complete if all the content is unfamiliar. If you feel you need additional resources or wish to dive deeper into some of the content areas, please review the links under “Free Online Programs” above.

You can access the UCSL from the admitted students page or directly though this link:

The UCSL “static” notebooks are available on GitHub and do not require the CUSP datahub.  To be able to “interact” with the notebooks, you can choose from the following options:

  1. Run the notebooks in a docker container on your laptop
  2. Run the notebooks on any of the freely available servers like  
  3. Install Python and other dependencies on their laptop.

Instructions for these options are in the notebooks welcome.ipynb.

While you are working your way through the preparatory content, consider using the CUSP bootcamp Slack channel to connect with your colleagues in the program and to receive or provide assistance with the UCSL: