Meet Our Inaugural ClassYilong Zha

Yilong received his Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology in China. His interest in data science started during his undergraduate years. In his senior year, he visited Hong Kong Baptist University as a Student Research Assistant, studying the dynamics of online human collaborative behavior based on Wikipedia entry editing records. His passion for data science and interest in New York City, and cities in general, led him to join CUSP’s inaugural class.

At CUSP, Yilong had access to numerous datasets. One of the projects he worked on during his time at CUSP was on 311 service requests and analysis. The paper he wrote on his work for that project has been accepted by the Semantic City Workshop at the AAAI Conference. Under the tutelage of Prof. Manuela Veloso, he also worked on indoor human trajectory identification, which was the topic of his final project.

After graduating from CUSP, Yilong is looking to work in big data analysis and machine learning, especially in the technology or financial industries in New York City. He is also planning to pursue a Ph.D. in data science sometime in the near future.