Meet Our Inaugural ClassSchuyler Poukish

Prior to joining the inaugural class at CUSP, Schuyler studied Computer Science and Genetics at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the State University of New York at Albany before graduating from Empire State College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and Economics. During this time, he worked in a variety of fields including hazardous waste mitigation and construction management, before starting his own company in project management and operations analytics. Working with clients representing a diverse set of industries, Schuyler was able to express his creativity in process innovation while fostering electric management approaches.

While at CUSP, Schuyler investigated how technological advances in sensing mechanisms and analytics can improve urban development and livability. His coursework in data mining, geographic information systems, as well as database structures and warehousing have supported this pursuit. Research in the growing field of citizen science and emerging applications of the quantified community have motived him to further investigate trends in the way individuals engage and coordinate in public spaces and digital communities. During CUSP’s winter week, Schuyler traveled to Singapore with the class and took the opportunity to backpack the Central and Eastern Visayas of the Philippines to observe the impact of natural disasters that had occurred a few months prior. This has inspired his current commitment to rating vulnerability in New York City and creating an index for the New York State Resilience Institute for Storms and Emergencies.

Schuyler is excited about the potential applications of this work in industry and will be pursuing a number of opportunities after his degree. He sees his special interest in urban land use and development pertinent to work with both government agencies and private entities alike, while his experience in data management and process optimization could lend itself well to nearly any enterprise. One thing is for certain, Schuyler is looking forward to a return trip to the Philippines to further study the progress of recovery and disaster mitigation efforts since his initial visit.