Meet Our Inaugural ClassMiguel Castro

Miguel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology from Tecnológico de Monterrey in San Luis Potosí, México in 2011. As part of his degree, he studied a semester abroad in Bamberg, Germany. He did two internships before working full-time on a multinational corporation.

Having worked for 4 years, Miguel decided to join the inaugural class at CUSP, motivated by his interest in technology, data, and cities. As part of his studies in CUSP|NYU, Miguel was enrolled in a three-month internship at Enstoa, focusing on Data Analysis, Project Management and Business Intelligence for US, Europe and LATAM as part of his daily tasks.

After graduation, Miguel will be joining Enstoa full-time to continue working apply both the knowledge gained from his Master’s Degree and his previous working experience in his current position.